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A wYse woman knows true comfort and style.

Designed with easy elegance and casual chic in mind, wYse combines innovative design and natural fibres to offer garments that epitomise style and comfort.

Made from modal, a natural timber fibre, derived from Beechwood,  touted as the new wonder fabric of the design world, wYse has gained a reputation for releasing stylish basics that carry you from the workplace to your evening outing. Whether you’re jumping on a plane, rushing to a meeting, heading out for lunch or curling up at home with a good book, wYse garments become ‘faithful favourites’ that always look and feel fabulous.

The Lifestyle Range

  • A wYse wardrobe caters for all shapes and seasons , offering size XS/8 to XL/16
  • A wYse woman values quality, versatility and a little indulgence.

wYse garments are compactable and when combined with Modal’s anti-crease properties, wYse is the ultimate in travel wear.